Online Scheduler

Online Scheduler

By signing on I certify that I am a member in good standing with Journeys Aviation™ and agree to be bound by the terms of my membership agreement which included terms of confidentiality with respect to the Online Schedule of Journeys Aviation™.

Scheduling your instructor and your aircraft is easy with our online scheduling tool. Your name and password are assigned per your request when you begin your membership at Journeys. If you lose or forget your password, call our front desk at (303) 449 4210 and we can help you reset it.

You Won't Miss a Thing

Journeys selected the most advanced scheduling system available, then customized it to our requirements. You can only schedule planes you have been check out in. We can only dispatch planes that have current inspections and AD compliance. And we can only dispatch to you when your flight review and medical examinations are current. Current data in our systems help us manage all this data and keep us 100% compliant with laws and safe.

Wait List Scheduling

If the plane you want is not available, you can still schedule it. You will be on "stand-by" and if the holder of the conflicting schedule changes his or her plans, you will be automatically placed on the active schedule. You will receive an immediate email notifying you that your stand-by reservation has been made into an active reservation. If you had another reservation, be sure to cancel it upon clearing the stand-by list.

Aircraft Information and Squawks

You can learn detailed information about any of the aircraft, from weight and balance, to V speeds, and maintenance status such as hours until 100 hour inspection due, ELT battery expiration date, IFR certification dates and date of last annual inspection. You can also see the squawk history of any aircraft. Current open squawks are shown, and by clicking on the Closed button, you can see the disposition of each prior squawk. For example, if you reported a noisy COM2, you can see precisely what was done to fix it and when.