ELITE RC-1 AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device)

Journeys Aviation™ operates a maximally-equipped ELITE Model RC-1 advanced aviation training device (AATD). The FAA permits students to log up to 2.5 hours for private pilot training and 10 hours of simulator instruction for an instrument rating, which results in cost savings to the student. Additionally, the ELITE RC-1 is FAA-approved and authorized for conducting instrument Proficiency Check training with an authorized instructor. Simulators are invaluable and economical in preparing the private or instrument-rated pilot for other training or operational missions. For example, if planning a cross-country trip, you can practice landing anywhere in the country! Finally, your IFR and IPC currency requirements can be met with flight simulator time.

Our Elite RC-1 is a complete full-featured AATD with life-size, high-resolution instruments, cockpit enclosure, instructor station, and external visual system with large-screen display. With the click of a mouse, it can be reconfigured to accurately represent a variety of Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft aircraft including the King Air BE-200. This is a flight-training tool that pays immeasurable dividends to the student through efficiency, economy and quality of training.

FAA Certified Advanced FTD Flying Credits

  • Log 2.5 hours toward the PRIVATE (Part 61); 5.25 hrs (Part 141) of 35 minimum hours required
  • Log 10 hours toward the INSTRUMENT (Part 61)
  • Log 25 hours toward the ATP
  • Log 50 hours toward the COMMERCIAL (Part 61); 24 hours toward the 120 hour minimum (Part 141)
  • Recent Instrument Flight Experience (maintain currency)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (partial)
  • Instrument Practical Test (partial)


ELITE Model RC-1 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)