Flight Instructors


A Certified Flight Instructor (Gold Seal), John comes to Journeys Aviation with a wealth of flight training experience. With over 4,500 hours of in-flight instruction, John serves as a mentor to both beginners and experienced pilots who want to perfect their flying skills. Mr. Bowman learned how to fly right here at the Boulder Airport in 1975! “I feel like I’ve come full-circle to my aviation roots,” John says. “After twenty-five years as a barnstormer with the Red Baron Squadron, it’s great to be back here at my home airport.” John’s other passion is music. He plays the electric bass in several bands and has a workshop in his home where he builds guitars and ukuleles. John Bowman holds his CFI and CFII.


Joe Davison is a gold seal flight instructor with over 3000 hours of flight experience. He has been flying for over 25 years. He is available for all types of flight instruction - including primary flight training, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and mountain flying. In addition to his duties as a flight instructor, Joe is a full-time software engineer in the cable industry. Joe is available mornings, evenings and weekends.


Max was introduced to flying when his Grandfather took him to the Dayton Airshow in 1995. Having been raised just outside of Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation it was only a matter of time until he became interested in becoming a pilot. Finally deciding it was time, Max, in 2010, started on his journey of becoming a professional pilot at Front Range airport just outside of Denver, Colorado. Earning his flight instructor certificate in 2015, Max is excited to share his experience and knowledge with those interested in aviation, flying for fun, or becoming a professional pilot. His schedule is flexible and accommodating.

CFI (powered & glider aircraft)

Will Mathews has always been on a quest to get a bigger and better view of the world – by climbing, trekking or skiing to mountain tops, or from the cockpit of an airplane or a glider. Will’s flying experience includes extensive time being involved with glider operations, flying the Western U.S. and Colorado Mountains as a towpilot, competitive glider pilot, tailwheel and power pilot. As a flight instructor, Will enjoys the thrill of sharing Colorado flying with both the most seasoned and the newest pilots to our area. Having lived in Colorado for thirty years, he has extensive knowledge of the state’s mountains, rivers, and most beautiful out of the way spots. Will is a CFI in both airplanes and gliders, and holds Commercial Airplane, Commercial Multi-engine, Commercial Glider, and Instrument ratings.


Nick starting flying in 1998 while still in high school in Midland, MI. Over the past 18 years Nick has accumulated over 10,000 hours in the air. He is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor. Nick has had a diverse flying background which includes experience as a; flight instructor, Part 135 cargo pilot (both single pilot and crew situations), Part 135 passenger service turboprop PIC, and experience as both a First Officer and Captain with a large Part 121 regional airline. Recently, Nick has stepped away from airline life to focus on his new baby boy. Nick enjoys helping others reach their own aviation goals.


Javier's first exposure to aviation occurred as a toddler when he accompanied his grandfather to Guatemala City's airport to tinker with his Cessna C-152. In 2005, Javier began taking flying lessons while in college and quickly became enamored with both the freedom of flight and the incredibly supportive community of fellow aviators. After graduating he was lured to the mountains and moved to Colorado to pursue his flying dreams while enjoying the state's great outdoors. He earned his Private Pilot License the following year and has since completed his Glider, Commercial Single & Multi Engine, and Commercial Helicopter certificates, as well as an Instrument rating for airplanes. Javier also holds an MBA and a Master's in Aeronautics, both from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. On the rare occasion when he is not at the airport, Javier can be found exploring the state by way of motorcycle, skis, or with a climbing guidebook in hand.


Ben’s interest in flight started at an early age flying in Africa where he grew up. Free-flight in the form of Paragliding became the focus of his energy, which ultimately lead to him traveling and living in various parts of Africa, Australia, Europe and the US. Upon settling in Boulder he completed a degree in meteorology, and a number of aviation courses such as aerodynamics, avionics and aviation weather. On any given day you will find Ben at the airport either helping to run Journeys, flight instructing, or off on an aviation related adventure: be it in sailplane riding the thermals over Longs Peak, or in a powered plane off to a remote airstrip to go plane camping or fly fishing. Ben is always happy to share his love of flying. Ben Pinnell holds his CFI, and CFIG