Tie-down, Hangar and Ramp Services

Aircraft Tie-Down

If you own an aircraft, you understand the difficulty in finding a place to park or store your plane. Journeys offers monthly and daily rentals of both tie-down and hangar space. Services include access to flight planning services, restrooms, passenger staging area, and refreshments lounge during business hours.

These spaces are limited and available on a month-to-month basis so call soon for availability and reservation. Monthly arrangements require one month's deposit and credit card on file for automatic billing on the first of each month.

Tie Downs: $8 per night or full day; $40 per calendar month for basic tie-down service; $59 per month for enhanced service including ropes, snow removal upon request and use of a pre-heater when needed.

Hangar Space: Heated hangar space available for storage but no tenant maintenance. $50 per night or full day (light single engine aircraft) or $430 and up per month. Extra charges may apply for ramping aircraft. We also offer washing and detailing.

Engine Pre–Heating: Provides for easier starting and prolonged engine life. Recommended at temperatures below 32 F. $20 for 10 – 15 minutes of propane heated forced air.

Aircraft Defrost: Defrost entire aircraft in our heated hangar. Starting at $25.

Contact us if you have questions.