2005 Diamond DA-40-180G (N787EC) Aircraft Details


Engine: 180HP,Textron Lycoming IO-360 M1-A    
Prop: Hartzell – Variable Pitch
Interior: Gray
Exterior: White


IFR Equip: Yes
Audio Ctrl: G 1000
Com1/Nav1: G 1000
Com2/Nav2: G 1000
DME: G 1000
GPS: G 1000
Transponder: G 1000



A/S Limitations:

Basic Empty: 1737 lbs Vne (Never Exceed): 178 KIAS
Maximum Gross: 2535 lbs Vno (Maximum Structural Cruising): 129 KIAS
Useful Load: 797 lbs Vx (Best Angle of Climb): Not Published
Maximum Ramp: 2535 lbs Vy (Best Rate of Climb at G.W.): 66 KIAS (T/O Flaps)
Maximum Takeoff: 2535 lbs Vfe (Maximum Flaps Extended): 91 KIAS (LDG Flaps)
Maximum Landing: 2407 lbs Va (Maneuvering at G.W.): 108 KIAS

Operating Fluids


Added Features:

Fuel Capacity: 49 gallons*    
Useable Fuel: 48 gallons* *Long Range Tanks  
Oil Capacity: 8 quarts    
Minimum Oil: 4 quarts (6 qts. recommended)