1976 Cessna 182P N401SS Aircraft Details


Engine: Continental O-470-S    
Prop: Constant Speed
Interior: Gray/Blue
Exterior: White/Blue/Yellow


IFR Equip: Yes
Audio Ctrl: KMA 24
Com1/Nav1: Garmin 430
Com2/Nav2: Narco MK12D
ADF: n/a
DME: n/a
GPS: Garmin 430
Transponder: Narco AT150



A/S Limitations:

Basic Empty: 1811 lbs Vne (Never Exceed): 176 KIAS
Maximum Gross: 2950 lbs Vno (Maximum Structural Cruising): 141 KIAS
Useful Load: 1139 lbs Vx (Best Angle of Climb 10,000’ MSL):: 59/63 KIAS
Maximum Ramp: 2950 lbs Vy (Best Rate of Climb 10,000' MSL): 79/83 KIAS
Maximum Takeoff: 2950 lbs Vfe (Maximum Flaps Extended): 140 KIAS
Maximum Landing: 2950 lbs Va (Maneuvering at G.W.): 110 KIAS

Operating Fluids


Added Features:

Fuel Capacity: 80 gallons Garmin Aera560  
Useable Fuel: 75 gallons    
Oil Capacity: 12 quarts    
Minimum Oil: 9 quarts